Our History

Started in August of 2006 as a partnership with 2 friends in high school. We came together after a storm that swept through St. Louis area and left many people stranded with downed trees and some over a week with no power. So our adventure started we went door to door helping people around St. Louis clean up downed debris and haul it all away. The following summer we started into lawn care and landscaping under the name of PW Lawn & Landscaping. Coming into Summer of 2008, we went our separate ways I decided to stay in the business and continued working with the clientele that had already been established. I kept the title of PW Lawn & Landscaping until 2009 I Changed the name to Oasis Lawn Care & Landscaping. Currently I do most of my work in the south St. Louis area but depending on the job size will depend on how far I venture out. I am looking to expand business so contact me about any contract deals and referral deals I have going on.

About Me

Ryan Parker I graduated from Oakville Senior High School class of 2008. Now currently attending UMSL trying to graduate with the class of 2012. I love being outdoors and helping people out. Just a compliment on my work will make my week. I take pride in what I do and love to make the outdoors a more enjoyable place for customers. Although I am currently going to college I continue lawn care and landscaping around my college schedule. This is a business that I can see making a career out of, their will always be grass growing and landscape to be kept up. I have recently decided to try to expand business and offer more for the customer.